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"Duck Dynasty" Dad, Phil Robertson, is the latest person to fall prey to the heavy hand of leftwing political correctness. One of the most popular television personalities of the day and an openly professing Christian, Robertson has been suspended indefinitely by A&E Network for speaking the truth about homosexuality. Not only has this liberal network violated Robertson's First Amendment rights, it has badly misread its audience.

Robertson spoke for the overwhelming majority of Americans—Christian and non-Christian—when he encouraged viewers to consider not just the effects on society of homosexuality, but also what this destructive lifestyle could lead to. Robertson cited the Bible as the basis for his views. A&E Network, on the other hand, has no basis for the unconstitutional action it took against Robertson except its fear of the bullying tactics of the LGBT community. We urge you to stand with us in standing up for Phil Robertson. Even if you do not share Robertson's views, we urge you to stand up for free speech in America. If the forces of leftwing political correctness can tear down a "Dynasty," what can they do to you?